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February 28, 2013

Are old people dangerous drivers? Who should decide when they’re not fit to drive? VP of News at Zoomer Libby Znaimer joins Anthony Furey to discuss:


October 3, 2011
Cancer survivor Libby Znaimer addresses Luncheon of Hope crowdArron Pickard, Sudbury Northern Life

Those who attend the annual Luncheon of Hope and who make regular donations to breast cancer research are helping more than they’ll ever know, according to breast and pancreatic cancer survivor Libby Znaimer.

Znaimer was this year’s guest speaker at the Northern Cancer Research Foundation’s 13th annual Luncheon of Hope Sept. 30 at the Caruso Club.

Hundreds of people, men and women, dressed in pink for the occasion, which celebrates contributions to innovative cancer research activities that are making an impact on the world stage. (See more)

Breast and pancreatic cancer survivor Libby Znaimer was the guest speaker at this years Luncheon of Hope event held Sept 30 at the Caruso Club.

October 1, 2011
Two-time cancer survivor shares story at Luncheon of Hope – Carol Mulligan, The Sudbury Star

The keynote speaker at a luncheon Friday to raise money for breast cancer research says she owes her life to it.

Broadcaster and journalist Libby Znaimer has survived cancer twice, and is three years cancer-free. (See more)

April 28, 2011
Give with your head as well as your heartMargaret Wente, The Globe & Mail

My friend Libby Znaimer was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three years ago. Pancreatic cancer kills nearly as many people every year (3,900) as breast cancer does (5,400). But no one holds walkathons to raise money for it. That’s because almost none of its victims are still alive. “If all the survivors got together, it would be a very small party,” says Ms. Znaimer, a rare exception. (See more).

April 27, 2011
Unequal Cancers – Matt Gallaway, CBC Metro Morning speaks to Libby Znaimer

April 27, 2011
Two views on re-directing cancer funding – Libby Znaimer video interview with CBC news

Thanks to groundbreaking research, broadcaster conquering deadly diseaseAugust 2010

Featured on the front page of the Saturday Star
(See More)

libbyBack On The CourtLibby Znaimer zooms back onto the court.

After two bouts of cancer, the Toronto broadcaster turns her attention to tennis.

She is the definition of zoomer: a culture- and tech-savvy baby boomer who works out – and doesn’t let a potentially fatal illness slow her down. (See More)

Winnipeg Free Press
November 2010City’s famous frugality meets high-priced jewelry
GUARDIAN ANGEL: Keynote speaker Libby Znaimer, who’s survived several cancers, told the giant 19th annual Guardian Angel benefit for women’s cancers the pressure is OFF to be continually positive, in order to win against cancer. Stop eating up your energy by trying to deny things and try to live well — the best revenge. A collective “yes” went round the room at the Winnipeg Convention Centre Monday night. Znaimer, journalist and author of In Cancerland — Living Well is the Best Revenge, charmed the crowd. (See More)

Watch Libby speak on how to live well with cancer

Featured in Post City Magazine
October 2010

Watch Libby receive an award from the Ontario Psychological Association

Host “Beat Brain Sag”
February 10, 2010
Women of Baycrest

Featured on Global News
February 8, 2010

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